How Do You Hire the Right Attorney?

Scales of Justice

Danielle Curtis at desk doing researchWhen you've been injured in an accident whether it be a motorcycle, auto, slip and fall, or any other type of accident what factors are important in deciding who you want/need for an attorney? There are a few large law firms or legal networking groups that bombard people with advertising: TV, billboards, and/or print ads.  Are these firms the "best" law firms? Sure they are good as they have been successful enough to afford the high costs of advertising. Does this mean they are the "best" law firm for you?

Maybe...maybe not.  For example, I was in a major car accident 15 years ago where I had to have my spine fused and also suffered from terrible whiplash. I was not an attorney at the time and didn't know any attorneys so I went through the yellow pages to find an attorney. I met with the first attorney whose ad caught my eye. I was lucky that we hit it off and I trusted the man. Things worked out as best as they could (the person who hit me had poor insurance) as I got my medical bills paid for and that was about it. Side note lesson: This is one example of why you should have uninsured/underinsured coverages.

Now, why would I recommend Curtis Walton Law LLC to someone who has been injured? 

First of all, Danielle and I are relentless at seeing our clients obtain justice and we love to work. We also work with companies who will carry a medical lien on your medical bills so you have no out-of-pocket costs if that is an issue. 

Secondly, Danielle and I are people you can trust. If you know any of our friends, acquaintances, and/or clients you will hear that we are genuine/honest people. We know the ins and outs of personal injury both from practicing in this field as well as experiencing personal injury first hand. It's not a fun process as an injured person and even less fun if you do not have attorneys who are true advocates who really care about you as a person. Danielle and I do care and want to maximize your recovery both medically and financially while minimizing the stress of going through the healing and settlement processes. 

Lastly, if you are a motorcycle rider and have been injured in an accident you want someone who truly knows the rewards of riding a motorcycle and will not diminish the fact that bikes are not as safe as cars. I ride a lot of miles each year and have had several close calls with other vehicles. We, as riders, know that many automobile drivers do not pay attention to motorcycles whether it be from sheer inattentiveness, texting, calling, eating, putting on makeup, shaving, messing with the radio, and/or playing on their cell phones (we've all seen it)  and we assume the risk and ride accordingly. I understand this risk, I see it every time I am out riding, however, this risk does not mean that motorcyclists are not entitled to recovery if they are injured in an accident. 

As riders, we all love and reap the rewards that the freedom of the open road and the wind in our faces brings. I, as a fellow rider and attorney, understand you as a rider and will fight to help you if you are unfortunate enough to be injured by another vehicle.

In conclusion, I believe that choosing an attorney should come down to skill and trust. Find a firm that has attorneys who see you as a person and not as "just another client." If you or someone you know has been in an accident, please contact Curtis Walton Law LLC for a free consultation and then you or the person you refer can decide if Curtis Walton Law LLC is the right Law Firm...I am pretty confident that they will not be disappointed.