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Case Results

  • $425,000
    Motorcycle Accident
    A car pulled out in front of our client, causing him to T-bone the car, resulting in serious injuries.
  • $400,000
    Motorcycle Accident
    While riding his motorcycle, and a car made a left turn in front of our client, clipping the motorcycle and causing him to go airborne. This resulted in multiple severe injuries to our client.
  • $375,000
    Dog Bite
    Our client went to a business open house that allowed employees to bring in their pets. She was bitten by one of the employee's dogs. The business did not have insurance so had to file a claim on employee's parents' homeowner's insurance that was located in Illinois, not Colorado.
  • $375,000
    Uninsured Accident
    Recovered $375,000 UIM policy limit for a highway traffic accident involving two commercial trucks.
  • $330,000
    Mold & Asbestos Case
    Our client's home flooded, causing property damage and illness due to mold.
  • $325,000
    Motorcycle Accident
    Our client was riding his motorcycle to work and crashed, resulting in a severe brain injury. He did not remember what happened but found a suspicious vehicle parked with a flat tire and tied back to that driver. The driver denied having any part in the accident.