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Case Results

  • $425,000
    Motorcycle Accident
    A car pulled out in front of our client, causing him to T-bone the car, resulting in serious injuries.
  • $375,000
    Dog Bite
    Our client went to a business open house that allowed employees to bring in their pets. She was bitten by one of the employee's dogs. The business did not have insurance so had to file a claim on employee's parents' homeowner's insurance that was located in Illinois, not Colorado.
  • $330,000
    Mold & Asbestos Case
    Our client's home flooded, causing property damage and illness due to mold.
  • $325,000
    Motorcycle Accident
    Our client was riding his motorcycle to work and crashed, resulting in a severe brain injury. He did not remember what happened but found a suspicious vehicle parked with a flat tire and tied back to that driver. The driver denied having any part in the accident.
  • $300,000
    Car Accident
    This case involves a multiple-vehicle crash. Our client's car was stopped in traffic northbound on the interstate. While stopped in traffic, a garbage truck, also stopped in traffic directly behind our client, was rear-ended by the Defendant driving a large Dodge Ram 3500 Pickup Truck. The force of the collision caused our client's vehicle to hit the vehicle in front of him and then catapult across traffic lanes, directly into the path of a truck, which slammed into our client, forcing his vehicle up onto a concrete barrier in the middle of the highway.
  • $183,000
    Car Accident
    We recovered $183,000 for two couples who were injured in a car accident.