Motorcycle Riding In Beautiful Colorado

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Colorado!! Open with fresh air or teeming with city life. Anywhere you like to ride and explore, Colorado has it! Whether it be the mountain roads, river meanders, waterfall escapes, art festivals, or front-range city corridor, Colorado is perfect for a fellow biker to encounter amazing destinations. So come join us! Some of you have been bike enthusiasts since childhood while others have recently begun. Either way, if you are ready for a remarkable adventure, then biking in Colorado is ideal for you.

The Open Road

If you have to ask “Why Colorado?” then you probably have not been here. Would you like to see moose and elk and other wildlife? Then a Colorado mountain road trip is for you.

Drive-up the rugged Poudre River Canyon on Cache la Poudre North Park scenic byway? You will love how the road winds along the clear river and be able to view bighorn sheep climbing the sheer cliffs there.

Top of the Rockies is well known for its 82-mile roadway up to the heights- of course, free to any motorcyclist. Would you like to see dinosaur footprints and hunt for fossils? The Colorado Scenic Byway near Grand Junction has the Dinosaur Journey Museum. This byway also lets you drive-by “one of the state's most colorful canyons, known as Colorado National Monument”.  OR, if you are bringing your family, and alas, not your bike… consider renting a motorcycle to do one of these drives for a day of your trip.

Get Into the Action

Another one of my favorites to bike is over to Mesa Verde National Park. I love the Indiana Jones type tour there, but there are also plenty of amazing ruins to transport you back in time even if you aren’t feeling too adventuresome. I can’t get enough of Colorado.

Go see Rocky Mountain National Park for Biking, Birding, Camping, Cross-country Skiing, Fishing, Hiking/Backpacking, Horseback Riding, Ice Climbing, Nature/Interpretive Trail, Rock Climbing/Rappelling, Scenic Drive, Scenic Overlook, Snowshoeing, and Wildlife Viewing. So many companies offer package experiences if you don’t want to sling your own equipment over your shoulder as you ride.


After all of that riding, sink into a hot springs pool! This is great for all ages and ability levels. Some of the springs locations have kid-friendly equipment while others are more geared just for adults. They also have the pools set up to be varied in temperature depending on where in the pool you go.

Another thing I find relaxing in Colorado is to visit outlying towns rather than just visiting the large towns and cities such as Breckenridge, Denver, and Boulder. Visit Kittredge, Evergreen, Morristown, and other small communities for a mountain village feel to all of your driving, eating and shopping experiences.

One of my favorite activities is to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. There is nothing more grandiose than listening to music from a height, while surrounded by scarlet cliffs. AND, the bike ride through the Red Rocks is incredible. It is hard to concentrate on driving.

Of course, Denver and Boulder host spas, live theater, orchestra, art, food, and breweries you would never want to miss.

These are just a few of the destinations for an enthusiastic motorcyclist to discover in Colorado. With its amazing views and destinations, you will not regret that you live in or visit this great state for riding a motorcycle.

Prepare and Remember for Your Ride

Stay safe and always be prepared for motorcycle riding in beautiful Colorado. A helmet can decrease your chance of traumatic brain injury in the case of road conditions and other drivers causing an accident. High mountain travel in Colorado in the early spring and late fall will require warm clothes. The Colorado Mountains can experience snow even in mid-summer. In case of an accident, have emergency numbers ready such as family, friends, and legal representation. Come prepared, and take your time to plan.

These are some of the most attractive and fascinating destinations in Colorado. They are especially nice to see on a bike. There is the cool mountain air, the warm Colorado sun, and beauty wherever you look! Ride safe, ride smart - but ride!

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