2020—What a Crazy Ride So Far


I have been riding motorcycles since 2001.

My first major ride was the 9/11 Freedom Ride that took place one month after 9/11. I had always assumed bikers were free souls from the way they were portrayed on TV and in movies, but that day was a huge eye-opener because I got to see just how much the biker community stands together not only with fellow bikers but also their communities and country.

If you were not around Denver at that time or were not able to attend the ride, it was amazing…5,000 bikes were there (from what I was told). We had just experienced the largest terrorist attack on our soil. Many innocent Americans were killed. Everyone there was feeling different emotions: hurt, anger, fear, and uncertainty to name a few….yet all showed love for those in attendance. It was wild how many strangers gave each other hugs and shed tears together.

The ride itself started at Coors Field and did a loop from I-25, to I-70 to I-225 and back to I-25. We had a police escort that blocked every onramp so no cars could break the sea of bikes. There were bikes with huge American Flags attached to them. It was hard to keep a dry eye seeing the solidarity of the biker community and their love for their country. That was 19 years ago, and I still get emotional thinking about it.

Flash forward to 2020…

It’s been a turbulent year of uncertainty and government-mandated lockdowns. We, as Americans, are not used to being told we cannot go out to eat, cannot see more than a few of our friends at one time, or that we have to wear a mask to walk into a public building. It is hard on those who enjoy and relish the freedoms we have always been so fortunate to have.

I feel fortunate that I was able to experience the 2020 Sturgis rally and be reminded of what it was like to see people’s faces when they laugh and smile and be around countless bikers having a great time…

In the past few months, the biker community has managed to hold several fundraisers and benefit rides for important causes. On September 12, 2020, Curtis Walton Law was fortunate enough to be a proud sponsor of one of these benefit rides—the Colorado Wounded Vet Run. This is a motorcycle benefit ride and ceremony to honor wounded veterans.

If you have not had a chance to participate in this ride, I hope someday you are able to. The ride is nice, but the ceremony for the wounded vets is off the charts. You see and hear first-hand the sacrifice these young men and women have endured so the rest of us can be free. There is not a dry eye in the place. So much pride in America and so much love for one another!

Next, on September 27, 2020, Curtis Walton Law was fortunate enough to be a proud sponsor of the MC-1 Foundation Run. This ride is for all first responders (medical, fire, and police personnel) and provides funds for the Foundation to offer financial and emotional support to those who have been hurt in the line of duty. Such a fantastic event and fantastic people…all first responders protect us and help us in times of need. They serve and protect so that we may live free.

All of the events mentioned above are/were made possible by bikers…bikers of all races, income brackets, religions, creeds, etc.…however, from personal experience, I do not think anyone who attends these events notices or cares about any of those things. They attend to help one another, to be there for one another, and to love one another as human beings.

The biker community is truly awesome. We at Curtis Walton Law live this way every day. We ride motorcycles, we take care of injured motorcyclists, we hang out with the motorcycle community, and we love what bikers do for our communities. Check out our logo and in the banner above the motorcycle you will see the two Latin words “Vivere Libre” which translate to “Live Free”! Ride on my friends and I hope to see you on the road soon.

I would like to dedicate this post to a good friend who lived the biker lifestyle and touched the hearts of many in the motorcycle community. Rest in Peace, Munky. We miss you dearly.

—Wade Walton, partner at Curtis Walton Law

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