Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle Taught Ellen to Never Give Up on Yourself


Last week was both my best and worst week of 2020 so far.

Let’s start with why it was my worst. A few months ago, I applied for a new job. Not just any job—this was my “dream job.” For months, I went through rounds and rounds of interviews, but I had to do so in secret because I didn’t want my current employer to find out I was seeking new work. Eventually, my prospective employer narrowed down the position to me and one other person. The job was so close to actualization that I was already planning how to spend my 40% salary increase! You can understand the letdown I felt then when the other candidate was chosen for the position instead of me.

The next day, all I wanted to do was lie around the house and mope. I was devastated that I’d lost out on my dream job. However, I wasn’t able to do that because I had already signed up—and paid—for a Beginners’ Motorcycle Course scheduled to take place that day. So, I crawled out of bed and onto a bike. And am I glad I did!

Through learning how to ride that day, my worst week of 2020 was transformed into one of my best. It felt so good learning how to safely do something new and exciting. I discovered that being on a bike makes you feel your best because you get to live in the moment. Riding cleared my head, positively reframing my perspective on the job letdown, and reminded me how strong I am.

The day after completing my first motorcycle course, I attended a friend’s wedding shower. There I shared the ups and downs of my week with my friends. One of the wedding shower’s guests was Danielle Curtis, a motorcycle injury attorney at Curtis | Walton Law. She said my story would be perfect for sharing on Curtis | Walton’s monthly blog—after all, we could all use a little motivation right now. I thought, eh, why not? So, taking up her offer, I wrote this article to share my positive riding experience.

I’ve decided I am buying a motorcycle for myself. As soon as I get a new job...

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