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How to Talk to Insurance Companies

Did you know that as soon as you are injured, the at-fault party's insurance company immediately starts building a case against you? Thus, the sooner you hire us, the more we can help.  The insurance company will record your phone conversations with them, and they will try to use your statements to "box you in" later. Insurance companies often ask victims of leading questions to try to minimize the severity of a collision or discount your injuries. Don't let them trick you into making inaccurate statements, tell them to direct any questions to your lawyer.   

The best advice for talking to insurance companies is DON'T TALK TO THEM.  As soon as you tell the insurance company you are represented by counsel they are no longer allowed to speak to you without your attorney's permission.  Even if you have not retained an attorney yet, you should tell the insurance company you are in the process of getting an attorney and your attorney will contact them as soon as possible.