2018 Colorado Wounded Vet Run

two motorcyclists riding together

schedule of Wounded Vet runs across the countryThe Colorado Wounded Vet Run is much more than a motorcycle event. While we do organize our annual calendar around the main run we also work year-round in support of our distinguished honoree(s). This comes in the form of other smaller events all supporting the mission of our final event. We are working with community businesses and cultivating friendships with our honoree(s) so that we can better serve them.

The Colorado Wounded Vet Run is not like other wounded veteran support organizations; we are LOCAL people helping LOCAL heroes. We are not a national organization with funds going to six-figure executive salaries. Within the Colorado Wounded Vet Run not a single director, staff member, or volunteer gets paid a dime for their time. Every dollar raised goes directly to the current year’s honoree(s) or toward operations costs (these are minimal).

Additionally, because our run is hosted, managed, and conducted at the local level, our honoree(s) are also our neighbors. When you participate in the Colorado Wounded Vet Run, you will meet and shake hands with the local hero you are supporting. You can be confident your dollars will go to the specific needs of each honoree.

We hope you will consider partnering with us to help make a difference in the lives of those who allow us to freely live ours.

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If You Know of a Wounded Vet in Colorado Please Fill out the 2018 Nominee Application on the Website